Movie Review-Riddick


Coming to Home Video on January 14th

Review-In 2000 the world was introduced to the character Riddick in the film Pitch Black. Pitch Black was a very entertaining little sci-fi horror film that opened the door for the two films that followed. In 2004, we got the PG-13 tamer version of the character trying his best to be the space Conan the Destroyer with Chronicles of Riddick. 9 years later we have the third film in the Riddick saga. Riddick is still the outlaw whose exploits have made him a very wanted man by every bounty hunter. Riddick is back in his very violent R rated glory and is asking for forgiveness by giving you everything you have been expecting since Pitch Black. The film opens with Vin Diesel’s narration telling us “I’ve been here before”. We are to assume someone or something betrayed him and left him for dead in the middle of some wasteland planet. The film we are to assume is told to us in flashbacks about how he got where he is right now. The opening ten minutes tries to brush the second film completely under the carpet. Riddick knows someone wants him dead but not quite sure, and after a fight he is presumed to be dead and left behind on this desolate planet. The trailers would have you believe this is going to be an all-out shoot-em up, but they actually build to it. The first forty minutes of the film is basically the story of how Riddick is trying to survive on this planet, along the way he gets a side-kick a dog like creature that obeys him. When Riddick finds some kind of outpost like station and sends off an emergency beacon, it is known that Riddick is alive and there is a price on his head and sends two groups of bounty hunters after him. As you can assume one team wants to kill Riddick for the reward money, the other team wants to keep him alive. The film then goes all out into the violence as you can assume, with Riddick taking them out one by one till he is finally hit by some tranquilizers. Now, that he is captured comes the bigger issue, it is starting to rain and the rain attracts a bigger threat. Riddick was better than I thought it would be, but I will admit that at times it felt like a retelling of Pitch Black with some of the situations and scenes. This film went over the top with the hero worship of Riddick. I felt that Vin Diesel’s ego was all over this film. Like during the fight scenes it was fair and to be expected but during the non-fighting scenes just felt too much. The script and dialogue are what you would expect, it does go to a little too much into silly with some of the one liners. You do not even have to be a fan or follower of the other two to get this film. The unrated cut to this film went 2 hours and around 6 minutes, and I felt that was a little long. Considering the selling point to the film starts to happen around the 40 minute mark, and then the other selling point being the creatures come out around the 90 minute mark. The sad part to this film is that the creatures should have played such a bigger part, more methodical. The pacing of this film is frustrating. The creatures’ presence and the twists and turns that happened during all were thrown at us at one time so quickly, but when the story built in the first 40 minutes on how desperate Riddick’s situation is. We get all these poses and dialogue that I wish would have been cut in half. At the end of the day I enjoyed this film for the action and killing. This film made up for the second one barely. I just do not see Pitch Black being a film that needed two sequels or spin offs on the character. I am to assume with the ending, they are thinking of continuing. I think Karl Urban should have had a bigger role, and Dave Bautista who WWE fans knows as Batista, really showed some decent chops in this film but lord the one liners hurt him. This film is cheese, and dumb fun that you pop some popcorn get a cold drink and just shut your brain off and have fun.

8 out of 10