Movie Review-Mischief Night


Review-To describe what a Mischief Night is may take some guessing. The concept of this night I guess is like a Halloween night that involves people’s houses being egged? While I am not quite sure about what the night details, I am sure what the film does. The film opens very promising as we watch a married woman have an affair with a guy only to be disrupted on this “mischief night”. At first they think it is all fun and games till people start getting killed. After this we meet Emily, she is dealing with the traumatic death of her mother the stress from that made her lose her eyesight. Emily’s dad has a blind date and leaves Emily at home on “mischief night” to chill out and relax. All is fine till a masked man comes into the house and is now after her. Mischief Night is a film with plot holes and absolutely no logic. Let me explain, a blind girl is left all alone in the house. She seems to get around pretty good with no cane. She can sweep up broken glass, she can detect when her boyfriend is creeping up on her. Emily can also cook, shut off a smoke alarm, walk up and down the stairs many times and even run without reaching out to see where they are. Then there is the logic with the dad, which I cannot go more into without spoiling it, but let’s just say pay close attention to how that plays out. The film is also overly and I mean overly predictable, almost everything in this film has been done before. All that said though, I found myself having a decent enough time that I can mildly and I mean mildly recommend it. All these silly things aside, the film has some good kills and a very gory climax that people will dig. I felt that this film though needed a better flow, you throw us right into the horror goodies then you just take it away and thrust us in this story that is so long-winded and badly developed about a blind girl who gets around better than most people I know who have full eye sight. This film does really start to work when she is all alone and the killer is stalking her in the house, like an odd cat and mouse game. The film never gives us a history on the killer, or even a flashback to help us know why this is going on. Though, they do throw us a twist which some people will like, and some will roll their eyes even more at. I did not mind that it tried to explain things with this twist, which it is horror and with horror at times you just shut your brain off and realize it is just dumb fun. This film has zero re-watch value, but it was decent for a one time watch. All in all, this film is not the second coming but it is a lot better than some films that claim they are.

7 out of 10

  • fearshop

    I was okay with this film, and for me, that is something out of the norm. I agree on it not having too much watchability though.