Movie Review-Legend of the Red Reaper


Coming Mid-2014

Review-The Legend of the Red Reaper is the story of a Aella who we learn thru narration (done by Cardinal herself) is a Reaper who is stronger than humans and smarter than demons. We learn that her mother traded her early in her life to Ganish for a flask of his blood. This blood is rumored to keep the mother young and healthy. Aella at first is a slave to Ganish, but she is eventually rescued by her own people called the Reapers. The film is very dialogue heavy which for this film seems to fit, it plays out like a good novel. The action sequences are ok, but the key to this film is Tara Cardinal herself. When she is on screen she has this “it” about her that translate to the viewer, she has this look and appeal in her eyes and her mannerisms that really invites you into her world. The film has a few curves, one being she is involved in a love triangle. She is in love with Eris who is a human and supposed to be scared of her, but he is not. Eris is also in love her with, but he is promised to another woman when he becomes prince. As you can guess her loved ones tell her he is no good for her to forget about him, which causes Aella to lose control and seriously hurt someone who is close to her. After this all goes down, she is led to a bunch of men who use arrows to take her down. When they capture her, they drink her blood which supposedly gives human-beings strength. From there, her mother who is the Teller Witch saves her and sacrifices herself for her daughter. This film has some negatives, the main one I have is I felt the backstory should have been more of a bigger deal, and not just a passing thought. You cannot tell this story in 99 minutes, unless you want to balance the origins of the Red Reaper to present day equally. This film relies heavily on the patience of the viewer, if you are into storytelling you would get into this. The acting in this film I felt was the strong point to this film, the actors and actresses really come across so well. The camera work and location shots were well done. This film also did psychical action scenes instead of trying to use computer ones. This film has a good pace that Cardinal had to know while working on this film what the audience would want out of each sequence. The film has some violence in it; a shot of Tara Cardinal with arrows in her comes to mind. I am not going to tell you this film is a classic or oversell it, but this film is fun. After all that is why we watch a film to have fun to escape, not to sit there with our cellphones and bitch about it afterwards. This film has a lot of heart, class and personality that I feel if viewers and fans of Cardinal’s gave it a shot, they would be entertained. All in all, this is my first film of Tara’s and I have to admit she impressed me. This is a grab some snack, a drink and get ready for a journey into the world of escape cinema. I think the Red Reaper is that film that can win people over on indie cinema being the true alternative to the multiplex.

8 out of 10