Movie Review-Junkie


Review-After a 3 year break Adam Mason has returned with a film that may throw some of his fans back a little. The horror element has been tamed, and in its place are both dark morbid comedy and some heartfelt moments that seem to get a reaction out of us, then to have the rug yanked from us with some outrageous situation or comment. Junkie centers on Danny who wakes up to the noise of his tattooed brother Nicky having sex with a woman that Danny has no recollection of. We learn that both of them are using drugs, but after Danny waking up in this haze and not remembering anything he wants to quit. Danny wants to clean up his life and be a better person. Nicky though is another story, he is jonesing and feels he has a sexual transmitted disease on top of that. Nicky convinces Danny to call Otto for some drugs. The drug exchange with Otto does not go so well, as Nicky convinces Danny that Otto is a black Nazi. When Otto gets fed up with these games, he beats the hell out of Danny and tries to rape him, but gets killed instead. After Otto is killed, Nicky convinces Danny that the real high is not in the drugs that Otto left behind but in Otto’s blood. Things get odder when we see Danny’s decent into madness just become clearer as we meet the characters that put him there. From his ex-girlfriend that he cannot seem to get over and think they are destined together, to his father and his dad’s new wife a prostitute he met. Adam Mason has this touch for bizarre statement films, and a film like Junkie makes a bizarre statement. This film is full of absurdity like Otto coming back as a zombie and later meeting up with Charles Manson and playing a game of Russian roulette, that Otto just seems to keep losing, or a sex scene that builds on odd, and goes to shockingly odd. This is a film that tackles drug use and does so with a well written script. On the characters alone and what they are given to work with, this is Adam Mason’s best material to date. He has a clever script that has an absurd sense of darkly perverse humor but yet when needed it does pull on your heartstrings. The last 10 minutes of this film when you expect it to all unfold, instead it goes in a different direction and becomes an emotional plea. That is the biggest positive to this film, it does not over explain things it expects the audience to be smart enough to understand it. Junkie is that film for people who want something unique and an escape into a world that you seem to be drawn into and long after the credits hit, you seem to be still connected to the Danny character and his world. I love that Adam took a few things out of his past material and incorporated it with a few new ideas that may make people change their minds about Adam.

8.5 out of 10