Movie Review-Insidious: Chapter 2


Review-Insidious I admit I was a fan of. I really loved how it used horror so effectively and held my attention. Do I think the film warranted a sequel? Not really, but then again look at all the other films that give us sequels. At this point you realize Hollywood is here to squeeze all they can out of horror with sequels, prequels, remakes and retellings. Insidious Chapter 2 at least played it sort of smart starting off where the original ended. Josh Lambert got his son back from “the Further”. The family reunion is short lived when Renai, Josh’s wife finds that Elise who was the paranormal investigator has been strangled to death. They assume Josh did it, but they have to prove it. While that goes on Josh moves his family into his mother Lorraine’s house. But, as you can guess things there are not normal either which leads people to believe did Josh really come back or did something take him over? Insidious Chapter 2 at times feels like it is trying too hard to imitate the original. I mean this film has some very creepy moments and has such a methodical pace that it sucks you into the story. My negatives with this film, I felt Patrick Wilson’s heart was not in this film. The first film he sold the character and the peril, this time around it just felt wooden, almost lifeless and personality drained. The film had its scares, but at times they felt like what you see from all these other films with the same situations, a spirit in the house and kids in the house with it. The last twenty minutes of this film were a mess, just a flat out letdown. You would think Wan would learn patience by now with some of the films he has put out, but I feel when Wan does not feel the film he just gives up and that is what I felt was going on with this film. The haunted house aspect of the Further is back, and this time it lacked the punch it had the first time. This film is so clichéd that even the dialogue just lacked the passion and emotion the first film had and just felt like the other films in this genre. The positives the film has some jump scares that work and some genuinely creepy moments that really keep your attention. Again, I felt this story was told better the first time and more effectively. I like the fact that they want to continue with this story, but I feel they have to really start to think outside the box. With Insidious and the Conjuring, it just feels that Wan has made two great horror films that he feels the need to try to recreate. I think they are fine the way they are, and if you want to make sequels do something to set them apart and make them worth watching. The film has good scares that I can somewhat recommend, but you really have seen this story played out before and much better.

6 out of 10

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