Movie Review-Hell Baby


Review-Hell Baby introduces us to Vanessa who is pregnant with twins, her husband Jack and her move into a larger house in New Orleans. We learn early from their neighbor looking at them like they never met a white family before they are not in a good section of The Big Easy. If they thought the neighbors were the issue, they meet this odd man who seems to live in their crawlspace that informs the couple that they moved into a cursed house. That the house was once named Murder House. Well Jack calls upon two Catholic Priests to help when his wife seems to have become possessed, and he is worried about the kids. If you are a fan of the Reno 911 show then this film is going to be fun for you. The film is filled with an obnoxious skit comedy mentality that just seems to really fit this film. Given that not every joke in this film works, but there is enough funny situations and jokes that you will laugh your ass off. Like the jump scares of the obnoxious neighbor popping up at the most random of times, or the sister in law who comes over and uses the shower and has no issue with being naked in front of anyone. The scenes that take place in the Po Boy shop are so odd, and they even add to it with the flashback stories. The final battle with the Hell Baby was hilarious and is highly recommended. This is a film that you are not sure what the build is to, or where each scene will take you but you know some kind of hilarity will happen to keep you happy you watched it. The film tries to mix horror with it, which I felt it should not dilute those scenes with humor. This film I mean to be fair has most of the Funny or Die actors, so you know they are always going to use some sort of comic elements. The negative to this film is that I felt some things could have been trimmed, maybe take about 7 minutes or so off the film. The police outside investigating the murder scene was funny but went far too long and the jokes were used again and again. It felt like the actors themselves went off the script and improvised it. From start to finish, this film is not perfect but it was not bad and had a great amount of heart and laughs. The horror comedy genre takes so much heat from fans, but I feel that people should lighten up and give some of these films a shot. For the ending and cast alone, I can recommend this, but there is so much more to this film. While not close to Tucker and Dale, it is still a must watch for people who are fans of the horror comedy genre, or fans of Reno 911, Funny or Die and the long ago Best Week Ever.

8 out of 10