Movie Review-Force of Execution


Review-Talk about a movie that is going to be hard to review, Force of Execution is one of the most confusing films I have seen in a while. I am not really sure who really was who, who was good and who were the bad guys. Was there even good or bad guys? This film has so many characters and goes back and forth so much, that you really wonder what the thought process behind the film was. Everyone in this film has an agenda and has to fight the other characters. There is not just one plot to this film, there seems to be at least four that I remember. The main plot I guess is involving a prison hit that went wrong, and the guy who was responsible for killing the wrong person getting both his hands broken and being exiled from the gang. The guy who got his hands broken is now homeless and helping Danny Trejo and the young lady who is Steven Seagal’s old lady. Steven Seagal seems to be a gangster going up against just out of prison Ving Rhames who is also a gangster and then a third gangster. People are on one side, then change then change again. Let me just put it this way, the acting is what you expect maybe a tad less. The script may have happened during a writer’s strike of some kind. The characters are what you would expect. The fight scenes though, are really well shot. If anything else this film could not mess up the fight sequences. Bren Foster really shines and should be the next big name in direct to home video action stars like a Jeff Speakman. Bren plays the guy who had his hands broken, and befriends Danny Trejo in an alley. Seagal in this film is laughable, while his fight scenes are more of the same we expect from a 60 plus year old bad ass, I just feel he does the same shit he did in Hard to Kill and Above the Law. His style has not really changed while that is good for a film that really shines on the acting; it sucks on a film that is pretty hard to follow and leaves you at grasping at any straw to continue watching. I think Seagal mumbled almost all his dialogue, while he never really had good acting chops and we let the action win us over, this film clearly states that almost 30 years in the business he really struggles in his roles especially now that he is older. I think Bren deserves so much better than this. I know this and Maximum Conviction are part of his Seagal punishment. Danny Trejo in this film is so wasted, and such a plot distraction. I am not really sure what his purpose truly was beside the fact that he taught us if you get both of your hands broken, you take a deadly scorpion and let them sting you on the bones and your healed within minutes. I think Seagal and these direct to video films are in such a marriage that no matter how good or bad they are, they will just multiply. Good fight scenes for Bren, the rest of the film was so bad.

3 out of 10