Movie Review-Elysium


Review-Welcome to the future, the wealthy now live in an orbiting satellite called Elysium while the meek inherit the Earth. In Elysium there is no sickness and when someone even shows signs of things like a common cold, they have a medical machine that can heal them. On Earth, it is a totally different situation. People live in the ruins of a wasteland that is forgotten with people dropping like flies due to disease and poverty. Max is a dreamer who since he was a little boy had his hopes and sights set on going up there one day. Well, he soon finds out he needs to go when he becomes exposed to radiation at work. Elysium is not a perfect film but it is fairly entertaining. While it is very message heavy and very bleak in its class division, it still carries a very violent tone that can satisfy the die-hard action fan. Like District 9, the sci-fi element is very well done and the politics are very strong. This film is very well shot and the visuals are really well done. When you see the world of Elysium it looks like the kingdom of dreams and the lustful destination we all seek. The fight scenes including the final battle were very violent and will keep your attention. The negatives this film just seems like a continuation of District 9, that Blomkamp did not want to leave his comfort zone completely. This film really is fit for someone with a very short attention span, that the pacing just feels so rushed. That storytelling is from the school of Transformers and GI Joe that if fans do not understand the material, just keep them hanging on with violence and some clever sci-fi elements that look stunning. Jodie Foster in this film feels like she is on auto-pilot, she just seems like she is trying so hard to overact her part when she speaks. When she delivers her dialogue it just sounds horrible and to the point you wish she did not talk. And another negative was why they had to try and stretch out the dire need of having to go to Elysium. Did we really need two sick kids in this film? So, Matt Damon having 5 days to live was not dire enough, why not throw in a kid who has leukemia to boot. This film really has so much going on with subplots and unnecessary characters that really do not fit in. The final battle I did like, it had an original Robocop feel to it. I thought it did go a bit overboard, but I mean that is what we watch these films for. Despite all the negatives, I found the film to be average and a fun little watch. Would I watch it again? Maybe the fight sequences and all the devices/weapons they use in the film. I did like the chase sequence when Damon’s character had the info to Elysium in a computer chip lodged in his head and the bounty hunters came looking for him. I did not care for the payoff to the scene, because It made zero to no sense. Why not do that the whole time? Why wait till you being chased down and at the final moment surrender to them. All things aside, this is well worth a rental. Maybe see it first to know if it is worth the buy.

7 out of 10