Movie Review- Demon Hunters: Fear The Silence


Review-Demon Hunters: Fear The Silence is a bat shit insane film. Trust me, read on that is a compliment for what this film offers. Any film that offers you demons, hunters, zombies and it is low-budget, one of two things will happen it is going to suck, or you are going to have a good time. This film is a good time, and it starts off with a group of stranded people hearing this shape in the distance make a noise with his fingers across a pole. One of the people of course has to be brave and go tell this shape to stop, and he gets killed. From there the people are being chased by this demon into a building. Once inside the building, the demon is not their only problem, they have zombies also, but thank god they stumbled upon those hunters right. Right from the start I will say this film is just cheese, a big slice of it. The acting is bad, the plot is ridiculous, but the genius of this film is that it works. The zombies look decent enough, the demon looks low budget scary, but the kills and gore you do get was very well done. Unlike most indie DIY very low budget films, this film has direction and passion. In ways it reminded me of the Al Snow film from last year, Overtime. It is one of those films that you just get so sucked into, and you find yourself having a blast. The characters are one dimensional, and the backstory is little to non-existent. Again, those are not truly negatives, this film needed all this. I feel a film like this knew going in what the shortcomings could be, so did not even bother going in those directions. They wanted to try and hide all the negatives, and give you what it knew it could deliver, which was a good story that really flowed very well, characters that while you are not so involved with them, you still do not want to see them get harmed. At the end, I really found myself enjoying this film more than I should have. This is the guiltiest of pleasures. This is that film that could do better with a crowd then solo. The little comic element to this film is really smart and works effectively. This film is a recommend, but going into this film, remember low budget and up-and-coming talent and you will be fine.

8 out of 10