Movie Review-Cassadaga


Review-When this film first premiered at Screamfest a few years ago the hype about this film was unreal. After that, this film had a run around areas and built up a love/hate relationship. People are either very passionate one way or another, and I found myself strangely enough stuck in the middle. There was elements of this film that I really found unique and very solid, yet it had elements that I was not so high on. I was a huge fan of Diblasi’s After Dark Horrorfest film Dread, so going into this film I was stoked. Cassadaga is two genres of horror mixed as one, giallo at times and almost a southern gothic at others. This film centers around a deaf art teacher named Lily who is torn apart by the death of her sister. In almost a Bava sort of way, she retreats to a place in Florida called Cassadaga to try and cope. Things start to change on this little trip when a seance brings her a ghost of a woman who haunts her and then gets thrown into a serial killer’s world. Gepetto is a very sick killer who is the defintion of pure evil. The script and acting were both solid, the pace of the film is where my issues were at. I am not the biggest fan of the giallo films because I feel they all seem to feel the same after twenty minutes. Slow moving horror does not effect unless there is no reward for my patience. This film just really is so drenched into the story that at times I wish they would have tried to jump off the page and concentrated on the horror element more. This film could have been easily trimmed 15 less minutes and been more effective. I feel that stretching this film out so much, really watered down the giallo aspect and really hampers the ghost story to an extent. I really wanted to be one of the legions who went insane about this film, but it just felt like it was too pretentious and really failed to deliver on its premise. All in all, this was a good attempt at trying to rework a staple genre in the 70’s when the boom hit, but it just needed more scares and more effective pacing.

5 out of 10