Movie Review-Caesar And Otto’s Deadly Xmas


Review-I was not sold on the Caesar and Otto premise last time out with Summer Camp Massacre, I felt the comedy was not funny and the writing felt lazy. I decided to give them a second chance with Deadly X-Mas and I am glad I did, this time around they really had a blast and the contagious energy flowed in the performances. If you are not familiar with the characters, Caesar and Otto are brothers clueless like the three stooges. They seem to stumble into these horror situations almost like by mistake. This time around there is a psycho Santa killing people, and our boys are being framed for the murders. This film felt like one of those midnight movies that you bring a gang of friends and just have a blast. Comedy in horror can be seen as a negative to some, but I really love a good laugh and the horror element of this film was more playful than serious. This is one of those films that you just feel all involved are winking at you. Like every scene of the film is an in-joke that you will laugh at, or smirk at or roll your eyes depending on your taste of humor. The film follows our two brothers as the holiday of Christmas is upon us. Caesar is still out to become a name in Hollywood and his brother is more concerned about love. While this film has zero originality, the film still seems to have a fresh approach on the holiday theme. This film is not afraid to poke fun at itself and its shortcomings to let the viewer know that this film is not supposed to be taken serious to have fun and just accept it for what it offers. We learn that Caesar has issues with Santa Claus from a fucked up childhood that includes a cameo from Mr. Troma himself, Lloyd Kaufman. Their agent is played by Linnea Quigley who reenacts her death scene in Silent Night Deadly Night. That is the one thing that this film really has a geekdom in celebrating horror and comedy. The slasher in this film comes from a demented soul that dresses like Santa who gets Caesar’s holiday party list and kills the ones who skipped the party. I feel the timing of Caesar at times does get a bit tiring. It is like he is just firing away 60 things at once and hoping one works. I think Campfield sees this as a modern day answer to teams like Abbott and Costello, Jack Black and Kyle Glass, and even a short bus Three Stooges, and at times he is right but at others I just wish they would have let the scenes flow and kept the pace even. This film has spirit and a sense of humor, like the take on the Dr. Phil show that you see the jokes and where they are leading, but still smirk. Like all the cameos, or Caesar’s little jabs at indie film making and attacking things like the dream sequence. I can say though, this is leaps and bounds better than the last film in so many ways. I feel that Campfield has to know that his characters need growth and more depth and we are starting to see more sides to them. This film is one of those films that you find yourself watching and being sucked into it and enjoying yourself. Sometimes horror needs a laugh, and this film gave me quite a few of them and at least kept my attention and had me wanting more in the end. A fun little holiday film that I feel could become a cult classic.

8 out of 10