Movie Review-Antisocial


Coming from Breaking Glass Pictures on Jan. 28th

Review-Antisocial takes horror to the internet in a very paranoid yet compelling tale. Antisocial shows us how fast things can change and that maybe the internet could be seen as a vessel used by our government or anyone who wants to control our planet. Antisocial shows us the evils of social media as an infection is spreading globally thru computers, that in the matter of seconds millions are infected, and that being just the beginning. A group of survivors are trapped trying to figure out what is going on and worrying about each other being infected and what can stop it. Antisocial tries very hard to be a message movie, but at its core this is just sheer horror. You have the battle of uninfected vs. this unknown infection that starts with a simple nosebleed, then moves on to the ears bleeding and finally you see images that do not exist. The positives to this film are the gore, the action and that self-surgery scene that is not for the squeamish. I loved the paranoia this film created almost like the original Alien, where we never quite knew who is who and the tension built on and we kept trying to figure it out and were shocked when we found out. Well, at times in this film we are not shocked as to who turns, but the way they do is pretty impressive. This film makes no excuses in its excessive violence and bloodshed. The negative is at times the acting, I get it some of these guys are new or not so experienced yet, and it shows. Another negative was that film almost at times felt too familiar. I wish it would have thought outside the box in certain moments of predictability. I thought the film trying to be message heavy weighed down the true core and heart of the film. In ways, I get it that The Red Room is supposedly Twitter or Facebook and that we are addicted to it, even when it is not good for us, we are still addicted. I felt when the film tried to explain why this virus existed is when the film lost its momentum, it just completely felt it had to over explain it to us. I will say right now from beginning to end Antisocial has some really compelling and good moments that horror fans crave. The ending to this film was very door opening and had me already thinking of how they can further this story. Antisocial is not perfect, but it is fun enough I can mildly recommend it. In closing another huge negative was the screener itself. I wish sometimes people took the reviewers a little more serious and at least tried to send us better copies of films. They wonder why we are so negative on films that they liked, it is because you send us bad burns that the picture comes across horribly with a bad ratio that looks like I am peaking inside a box. I understand cost cutting, but come on films that you know are going to be well received why not make a better effort at a better quality screener. If the issue is you send so many out, check the internet traffic for each site and see who can spread the word better for your film. This was the problem with a few movies now that the quality of the picture is poor and the sound has to be turned up to 50 just to hear at normal levels. I do not mean to complain but this film deserves a better quality screener to provide the readers with an accurate review.

7 out of 10