Movie Review-Alpha Girls: A Satanic Sorority Slasher


Review-If you took The Craft and put it in a Sorority House, this is what you would come up with. Alpha Girls centers around four new girls who try to pledge Alpha Beta. Things just start off bad with head sorority sister Veronica who is very cruel to the ladies, from painting all over their faces and bodies words like fat, whore and all other cruel things to just making their lives a living hell. When the hazing becomes too much, Cassidy has a book of magic and demonic spells and decides to get the other three involved and change everything for them. At first the girls seem to be ok with it, because good things start happening for them, but soon the girls find out they awaken an evil and now Cassidy has become the vessel and will stop at nothing to make sure everyone dies. Alpha Girls the first thirty minutes is the build-up with all the hazing and attacks to get in the sorority. I felt that part of the film seemed to be the weakest. The film really takes a little bit to get going and that is when the second act kicks in. The second act is what will hook the viewer. You want to see just how far Cassidy will go and what is going to happen to the other three. The film played it smart, it took almost a genie and wishes approach, but then threw us a curveball when things changed. I found the acting and script in the second act to be very compelling and strong. When the supernatural elements start happening and the group turn on Cassidy is when the film gets unpredictability. You do not know what direction it is going in and what can possibly happen next. The third act of the film the final 30 minutes, I found to be very satisfying though I do admit when you got Ron Jeremy in a brief scene playing a Priest, you know the director is really throwing caution to the wind and hoping fans get it. I felt the negative about this is how slow the build was, I mean I understand storytelling and establishing, but I just feel a film like this just needs the hook a lot sooner. I felt the actress playing Cassidy is really in league with Balk in terms of how crazy she gets. She really carries this film and makes the perfect anti-villain that we want to win even though she is doing evil things to people. As a whole this is a lot better than I expected. The film is far from perfect it has a slow pace; it takes a while to really get the watcher involved. But, once you become involved the film does pick up and really pack a punch. Alpha Girls declare class is in session.

7.5 out of 10