Movie Review-12 Disasters


Review-12 Disasters is one of those SyFy films that you watch when you did a lot of drugs or you are on a buzz. Not sure what happened to the original title 12 Disasters of Christmas, and while we are on that topic not sure what is going on with Steven R. Monroe these days. This is cheese all across the board, and if you go into expecting anything more you may as well not even put this in the player. I am not going to say this is a bad film, I just feel it may be a misunderstood one by the time the credits hit for the viewer. This film could really be a 5 star affair if Mystery Science Theater sat in front and did commentary. Monroe has a track record with films like this, the film that has many different layers that all lead to some impending doom on a cheap level. We watch the serious side of the film as we watch Jacey mature, she is the one who is chosen and can save the world. Kane is the villain, he is allowing corporations to come in and take away small jobs, so Monroe tried to make it seem like something cut out of today’s news. Joseph is Jacey’s dad and he is like all other fathers who will protest their daughter’s meaning of life. Well, all around them the end of days is upon, it starts off with birds dying. Don’t they always start with that though. After the birds die then the water will turn like a red sludge or muddy residue. Then, ice will rain from the skies. It is told to us that Earth’s geomagnetic field is off and that means we get plenty of cheesy and bad CGI. The film I am not sure if this was Monroe’s vision or the network’s, but the film just feels like all the other original films that SyFy has given us. To guess that the 12 Days of Christmas song is a warning of our end is absurd, this film though delivers crap like this with such a serious slant that you cannot help but roll your eyes and just go with it. The holiday theme to this film is a little different, but in its core it is just the same old stuff. I would have thought after I Spit on your Grave 2 that Monroe would start being a little more serious and selective with his material, but I just feel at this point he just looks for the bigger paycheck. This film did try and it has some decent moments here and there, and if you know what you are getting involved with you will have a little fun with it.

4 out of 10