Metal Review: Starsoup: Bazaar of Wonders (2013)

Starsoup Bazaar of Wonders

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Russian progressive metal band Starsoup hits us with their debut release, “Bazaar of Wonders,” and shows years of experience from a band with little experience. The dynamic recording is chock full of adventurous arrangements incorporating elements of spacey prog rock sounds and Middle Eastern sounds and samples. The band shows that they are in complete control of their instruments throughout the entire album whether it is one of the ballads like Rumors of Better Life or the rockier tracks like Past Bites.

The band sweeps through technical phases and musical breakdowns featuring a nice twin guitar attack from Ilya Mamontov and Alexey Markov, who is also the vocalist. Many of the tracks on “Bazaar of Wonders” were composed during Andrew Gryaznov’s days with Crime of Passion with some more composed once Starsoup became a reality.

In terms of Starsoup’s sound, you will hear a lot of other progressive metal bands in their sound such as Dream Theater and Fates Warning. Alexey Markov’s voice fits the music much better than these other bands though.

Overall, Starsoup may be on to something special with “Bazaar of Wonders.” Their use of various elements including jazz, blues, prog rock, metal, samples, etc. is something fresh and inspiring to the scene and it looks like this band will get a lot of respect with their debut release.

Bazaar of Wonders Track Listing:
1. Angels
2. Ain’t no Superman
3. Try
4. Cradle of War
5. Rumors of Better Life
6. Past Bites
7. The City and the Stars
8. Bazaar
9. Voices of the Wind
10. Road to Sunset
11. Perfect Loser
12. Rain in the Desert

Starsoup Line-up:
Alexander Vetkhov – Drums
Ilya Mamontov – Guitars, Bass
Alexey Markov – Guitars, Vocals
Andrew Gryaznov – Keyboards, Samples

Record Label: Sublimity Records