Metal Review: Satan’s Host: Virgin Sails (2013)

Satan's Host Virgin Sails

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Colorado metal band Satan’s Host is back with their 11th studio album, “Virgin Sails,” and you know that means that something satanic this way comes. Issued November 19, 2013 on Moribund Cult Records, “Virgin Sails” is the follow-up to “Celebration For the Love of Satan,” which contained re-recorded versions of songs spanning the band’s long career.

Since Harry Conklin (aka Leviathan Thisiren) rejoined the band in 2010, the band has a new air about them; a sort of rejuvenation. This version of the band plays some serious nice songs on this release opening with Cor Malifecus – Heart of Evil, a 7 minute journey to hell led by some inspired vocals.

Island of the Giant Ants is another track that kills it from front to back with solid shred work from Patrick Evil and more of Thisiren’s solid vocals. Margar’s bass may have never sounded better than on this track and Anthony Lopez plays some dastardly drums.

The album continues on with some very nice songs including the power metal style of Dichotomy and the doom/death metal title track, Virgin Sails.

Overall, Satan’s Host continues to show progression and rejuvenation in their sound and “Virgin Sails” is a very solid release with elements of doom metal, thrash metal, power metal and more. The band can go as far as Thisiren’s vocals will take them and he appears ready to carry the band.

Virgin Sails Track Listing:
01. Cor Malifecus – Heart of Evil
02. Island of the Giant Ants
03. Dichotomy
04. Of Beast and Men
05. Akoman
06. Reanimated Anomalies
07. Infinite Impossibilities
08. Vaporous of the Blood
09. Taromati
10. Virgin Sails

Satan’s Host Line-up:
Patrick Evil – Guitars
Leviathan Thisiren – Vocals
Anthony Lopez – Drums
Margar – Bass