Metal Review: Outrage: Brutal Human Bastard (2013)

Outrage Brutal Human Bastard

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Austria’s death metal troupe Outrage has been around since 2000, but has not been a band to put out too much material in those 13 years. With 2013, comes Outrage’s latest full-length release, “Brutal Human Bastard,” and it is a good one.

After the obligatory intro, we are treated to Cryptic Time’s thrash metal opening straight into the 90’s era U.S. death metal style that Outrage like to employ. There are some nice breakdowns in this opening tracks as well.

The next track, Addiction, shows the band’s nice guitar skills. The thrashy riffs are what makes this song special. They almost reach the point of having too much going on behind the vocals, but never quite get there. The twin guitar attack of Manuel A. Berger and Gerhard Turk works very well on this track.

Days of Disorder is another rhythm guitar treat that just keeps giving and giving as is Mexican Standoff, which also incorporates a galloping riff style not normally seen in death metal.

Overall, Outrage kicks ass and takes names, which is everything that you would want out of a death metal release. The rhythm work is what you will listen to “Brutal Human Bastard” over and over for. The guitars are king here, but that should not diminish the job that drummer Michael Mittendrein and bassist Erwin Forsthuber put forth on this release.

Brutal Human Bastard Track Listing:
01. Brutal Human Bastard – 0:30
02. Cryptic Time – 5:33
03. Addiction – 3:15
04. Days of Disorder – 3:17
05. Mexican Standoff – 3:41
06. At the Abyss – 4:38
07. Pissing Roadside – 3:06
08. Down From the Silence – 3:51
09. Won’t You Be My Flesh – 3:27
10. Deprivation – 4:33
11. Negative Creep – 2:53

Outrage Line-up:
Markus Ursțger РVocals
Manuel A. Berger – Guitars
Gerhard Turk – Guitars
Michael Mittendrein – Drums
Erwin Forsthuber – Bass