Metal Review: Nocturnal Fear / Seges Findere: Allied For the Upcoming Genocide Split EP (2013)

Nocturnal Fear Seges Findere Allied For the Upcoming Genocide

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U.S. thrash metal juggernauts Nocturnal Fear have teamed up with Brazilian war metal outfit Seges Findere for “Allied For the Upcoming Genocide,” the latest split EP from these bands.

“Allied For the Upcoming Genocide” opens with complete and utter ruthless aggression from Nocturnal Fear beginning with Blood on the Battlefield leading straight into Infernal Nuclear War. This tag team of tracks opens the split EP in epic fashion with no remorse and no excuses. Fans of Nocturnal Fear know how well this band merges thrash metal with death metal already and these four new recordings are a warning strike for their upcoming album “Sadistic Inquisition,” due out in 2014.

Cast From Heaven is no less effective, nor is Invade to Conquer. I am loving the direction that Nocturnal Fear is still headed in.

The final two tracks, Luftwaffe Trumpet Resounds and On the Bloodshores of Normandie, are new tracks from Seges Findere and they are full-on angry war metal mixed with death metal. Both of these tracks are a prelude to the band’s upcoming “Genocidal Offensive.”

Musically, the songs are solid and worthy of any headbanger’s time. I am not completely sold on the vocals, but they are not bad by any stretch of the imagination. My problem with that death metal growl is that you had better distinguish yourself if you are going to employ that guttural roar. Not quite sure if the band does that on here.

Regardless of my take on the vocals though, all six songs pack the punch of a jackhammer, so you need to get your hands on “Allied For the Upcoming Genocide.”

Nocturnal Fear / Seges Findere Allied For the Upcoming Genocide Track Listing:
1. Nocturnal Fear – Blood on the Battlefield
2. Nocturnal Fear – Infernal Nuclear War
3. Nocturnal Fear – Cast From Heaven 2013
4. Nocturnal Fear – Invade to Conquer (pt.2)
5. Seges Findere – Luftwaffe Trumpet Resounds
6. Seges Findere – On the Bloodshores of Normandie