Metal Review: Graveborne: Through the Window of the Night (2013)

Graveborne Through the Window of the NightFinland’s black metal horde Graveborne has a January 20, 2014 release date on Seance Records for their latest album, “Through the Window of the Night,” which is an uncompromising, unrelenting, ferocious black metal beast of an album calling back to classic 90’s era black metal. You will hear influences from such monster bands like Immortal, Dark Funeral, Marduk and more in Graveborne’s sound.

Celebrating five years as a unit, Graveborne is beginning to get poised to carry the black metal torch. “Through the Window of the Night” swirls from song to song with sheer fury and pin-point accuracy. The atmosphere of the album is cold and dark as every black metal album should be.

Standouts on the album are Root of Evil and Burn the City of God, but the album, in its entirety, works so well that it was made to be listened to from front to back.

Through the Window of the Night Track Listing:
1. Burn the City of God
2. Tiesi Päähän
3. Root of Evil
4. Misericordia
5. Into The Abyss
6. In the End I Find My Beginning
7. Pyhää Verta
8. Todkrieg
9. Men Behind The Sun