I Saw the Devil Getting a U.S. Remake

I Saw the Devil

Kim Jee-Woon’s “I Saw the Devil” is one hell of a film. It is so good actually, that they have decided that it needs a remake in the U.S. Adi Shankar and Spencer Silna, the producers who brought us “Dredd” and “The Grey,” will be behind the English-language remake of the revenge tale.

This is one of the films that we reviewed on the FearShop.com Horror Podcast that we both agreed was an absolute gem, as well as most of the feedback that we got back on it from the podcast.

Shankar and Silna say that the film is not so much a remake, but rather a “port” of the original film. Here’s what Shankar told The Wrap: “Kim Jee-Woon’s ’I Saw the Devil’ is perfect in so many ways. The intention is not to remake the film per se, but rather to “port” it for international audiences.”