First Look at American Psycho Musical Featuring Matt Smith

American Psycho Musical Matt Smith

I wish that I was anywhere near this to catch this show, but halfway across the world is a little far for me. This looks so good.

Check out a few stills from the American Psycho Musical, which just began its UK run. The show features Matt Smith (Dr. Who) as homicidal yuppie Patrick Bateman.

Living the high life in 1980s Manhattan, Patrick Bateman has it all – looks, money, style and status. He and his entourage buy the most expensive designer clothes, eat at the most exclusive restaurants and party at the hottest clubs. But privately, Patrick indulges in another kind of transgression. And people – including those closest to him – keep disappearing.

Rupert Goold directs this musical adaptation, from the composer of “Spring Awakening,” which casts Patrick Bateman centre stage as an anti-hero for our time. American Psycho runs until January 25, 2014 in London.

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