Film Review(s)-Meet the Grimswalls and Grey Matter


First up is a film called Meet the Grimswalls, which is a low budget little tale about a serial killer who has a sex party of sorts to get his revenge on a group of people. This film to its credits knew its selling point and gave it to you in the opening shots. That is both the women and kills. This is another one of those films that gives you a piece of the later film in the shape of the dead party-goers and then goes back to 2 days earlier when this all started to take shape and form. This film I hate to totally blast it, because the heart and work is in. The problems with this film are the pacing and the music. The opening minutes when the killer is typing on the computer an email letter about this party, the music did not fit the scene and became annoying. With the great and hook opening that lured us in, this film took its sweet time to get us to that point again. Instead, it filled the screen with bad dialogue and just slow pacing. Again, the heart is there and you can see everyone on set is trying, but this film suffers from both a small budget and lack of imagination. Great opening, and some cool moments here and there do not make me want to recommend a film. This film needed direction, needed something to make it jump off screen and keep your attention wanting to see how it got to the beginning shot.

4 out of 10


Review-I am floored, just speechless. I did not expect this short to pack this much of a punch. If I did a top list for shorts this year, this would be number one and two. This review is just words and they are subjective, but holy shit you need to find a way to see this 14 minute short. Grey Matter is the adaptation to Stephen King’s short story from his Night Shift series. This film tells the story of Issac who as the film opens seems like your usual slacker youth, getting in trouble at school and being suspended for a week. When he gets home is when we realize that being suspended is not his only issue. His father is a war vet, he lost his arm and now turns to the bottle after being abandoned by his wife and Issac’s mom. As the short goes on so does Issac’s father and this transformation he goes thru. All I can say is holy god is this suspenseful and just all out brillant. How this is not a full legnth film or being talked about more is beyond me. Like Roid Rage a few years back, this is that short film that really sets the bar so high that no one can really touch it. Of all the King works that have been graced on the screen, this is heads and shoulders one of the better retellings. This has everything that made the book so popular and just the ending shot is so flat out jaw dropping hype worthy that I am really stoked that people will see for themselves sooner or later. This is not a good film, it is a must see film. The acting, the script and the characters all are top notch. This was fun and should be seen by all King fans.

8.5 out of 10