Transforming beautiful women into pimply, ugly girls with matted hair has never looked so easy. Watching Excision without prior knowledge as to who the fuck AnnaLynne McCord is will have you doubting that this ugly troll can look so good. McCord brilliantly transforms into to the role of Pauline, this wide jawed 18-year-old girl with acne the size of rodents, that never seem to heel nor fade might I add. The best way I can describe this mentally disturbed teen Pauline is that she suffers from borderline personality disorder.

Excision has its viewers descending into a beautiful but deadly mind that brilliantly captures the essence of this girl’s gratuitous imagination. Soon, elements from Pauline’s dreams intermingle with reality. Not only does she dream of herself soaked in blood with a sea of naked beings and performing a graphic abortion, she sniffs her own tampons. So is there anything GOOD about Pauline? There’s the one key factor here, she deeply loves her younger sister who has cystic fibrosis.

Pauline’s psychotic state likely stems from her overbaring mother played by Traci Lords. Mom finds it impossible to love her yet she makes efforts to try with her spineless husband (Roger Bart) who brings comedy to the nightly drama at the dinner table.

Not only is Pauline interested in becoming a surgeon, she practices on dead birds while licking the blood which is awfully unhygenic. Losing her virginity to a popular boy in school is a pivital movement in her story. During coitus, she makes the boy go down on her while she is on her period. He’s disturbed and disgusted to find blood all over his face, in graphic fashion.

Moving on, Pauline gets the crazy idea that she may be able to save her sister. The raw and emotional climax is just heart wrenching thanks to the talented actors holding such great power over the audience. Even the supporting cast (John Waters being one) does their part in making this production effective.

Last but not least, the direction is handled with taste. This convoluted tale is saved by the artful direction, for those who are thinking this may not be their cup of tea. For me, it’s hard to decide which element is the highlight of the film.

  • Collz

    I also have been diagnosed with BPD and have never had any symptoms or experiences even CLOSE to the girl in this movie. She would suffer from something much, much more severe. We are NOTHING like that. I am a stay at home Mother of two and I function highly daily. If you don’t have the proper knowledge then do not say anything on the matter. Stuff like this is what gives us such a bad name.

  • Kelly

    She does not have BPD. Studying psych, all the other docs I’ve talked to
    agree she does not have BPD. Not even close. Don’t like that they
    mentioned that at all as the disorder is surrounded by horrid stigma
    which often leads to the 1/10 successful suicides in BPD patients cause
    of neglect and negativity. Interesting movie regardless.

  • Jade

    In my opinion, as someone who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, the character in this movie does not have any traits that would suggest BPD. I’m not sure what she would be diagnosed with but it most definitely is not BPD.

  • James DePaolo

    What an amazing film…awesome review as always