Anime Review- Another

Now you may be thinking to yourself: “There aren’t a lot of good horror animes out there. I think I’ll check this out,” but it is not worth your time at all. The biggest problem with this series is that is starts out promising enough to make you think that it is going to be good. Then it starts to go down hill and you may believe that it will redeem itself so you keep watching. It will not get any better.

Here are some of the very few good things that can be said about it:

  1. The Horror Aesthetic: Another is sufficiently atmospheric. There are creepy dolls, ambient music, and lots of darkness and shadows to provide good atmosphere. If you are a fan of the horror aesthetic in general, this aspect of the series may be appealing, but it is not prominent enough to redeem it.
  2. The Animation: The animation is beautiful. Again, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, Another is triumphant.
  3. Its Length: If you are curious about this anime, despite the previous warning, it is only thirteen episodes. You can knock the whole thing out pretty quickly.
  4. Backstory: The backstory to the anime is very interesting with an original concept.

These are all of the reasons why you should not watch this series:

  1. Unappealing Main Character: First off, the main character is extremely weak. He is timid and quiet, but not in a way that is remotely appealing. To add to this, the English voice actor hams up this aspect of the character. You may find this irritating if you enjoy strong characters with personality.
  2. No Character Development: Overall, there is very little character development through the whole series.  Very few characters have any distinguishable personality traits. For the ones that do, they are all stereotypical anime characters.
  3. Absurd Deaths: Perhaps there is little focus on character development because this anime has quite the body count. However, the deaths are ridiculously improbable. To add to this, there is no satisfactory explanation for why the deaths are like this. For instance, one of the characters loses a beach ball in the ocean. He immediately decides to go swim out very far to get the ball. He then gets run over by a boat. Smart, right?
  4. Breaking the Fourth Wall: This anime breaks the fourth wall in ways that are quite annoying. For instance, one of the characters remarks: “it’s turning into quite the horror story!”
  5. Terrible Plot Development: Certain characters hold off on telling important information to the main character just for the sake of suspense and plot development. Phrases like there is a “right time to know about things,” and “I’ll tell you later” are used. Other devices are used simply to slow the plot down. For instance, the main characters are listening to a tape of a man speaking. The tape stops conveniently just before the most important part. Also, the main character always has bad cell phone reception. So when it comes an interesting part of his conversations, his calls always go fuzzy.
  6. Invisible Authorities: This anime takes place mostly at a high school. Several people in one particular class keep dying. However, the school authorities are invisible. They take no action. The school is portrayed unreasonably and unrealistically.
  7. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder does not exist: After each death of a fellow student, the rest of the class is upset for a while. However, they do not appear to be affected for a long time. So despite the violent, horrific deaths that they witness, the students seem to recover in a matter of days with no PTSD.
  8. Faulty Memories: Graduated students who have been through the same problem as the current students, seem to remember certain things about the incident, but not important things that could potentially help the current predicament.
  9. Useless Creepy Dolls: The creepy dolls, as mentioned previously, have no actual connection to the plot whatsoever. They are merely there to be creepy.
  10. Voice Acting Error: The man who recorded the tape that was mentioned earlier speaks to the main characters in person at one point during the series. When he speaks to them, he is 30 years old. He tells the main characters about the tape he recorded when he was 15 years old. When the characters listen to the tape, he sounds like he’s 30, not 15.
  11. Unexplained Magical Eye Powers: The main female character has a fake eye with special powers. No explanation is given as to why she has powers. This in no way relates to the plot other than to help her in the end.
  12. Unused Magical Eye Powers: The magical eye power helps that character solve the mystery in the last episode. However, she could have used this power in the first episode and ended the incident immediately.
  13. Apparently, fire is not harmful to humans: The last few episodes take place in a lodge. This lodge is on fire, but there is no smoke. The characters have no reaction to the fire whatsoever. No one is getting burnt, despite close encounters. No one is even coughing.
  14. And the backstory ties in, how? The interesting backstory had nothing to do with what was actually going on the whole time.

This anime gets a 2 of 5 stars. Whatever you do, do not watch this anime. It starts out promising and just goes downhill from there. Watching it is a waste of your time because its just going to suck you in with hopes that it will redeem itself. There are very few good horror animes. This is not one of them.