What’s So Wrong With Women in Horror Month?

As February inches closer, a heavy percentage of Women in Horror Month supporters look forward to celebrating our favorite women in horror and providing helpful services to local communities around the world.

Then there’s the batch of people who are completely against WIHM. This batch is split between two completely unparalleled characters and agendas. None of us on board with WIHM try to blacklist those who question WIHM. It’s a free country and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Everyone is a critic and we all base our opinions solely on our own standards. Then there’s the flip side of the coin that wants nothing more than to put a stop to WIHM while screaming about what whores, cunts, and bitches we all are. This behavior is unprofessional, disgusting, and you will not see any of us speaking in such a way. If you want to promote your own non-profit organization, you have every right to. That being said, some have tried to do so only to tear down women in our group because of personal issues with one or two of the ladies. That’s what it all boils down to.

It’s no secret that there is a small percentage of individuals that have gone out of their way to slander and harass some of the women in our organization. Nobody is perfect. Some refuse to get help and continue to shine their psychological colors on their own on a daily basis. Some feel they have been ostracized from the horror community all because they do not want to suck mine and Heidi’s dicks, their words. This is completely false and you will NEVER see any of us trying to ruin obsolete careers all because you are against WIHM. As an avid debater, I get a lot of pleasure out of hearing all sides of the horror community, their issues, and concerns. Some of us can debate on a professional level and hold no qualms with those who disagree. If you choose to respond with, “Yea well you suck and you’re just trying to get ahead in Hollywood,” I am going to be very concerned for your mental well being and try my hardest not to fire back sarcastically. We should all be able to debate like adults, not throw out insults because we feel we have no leverage or anything substantial to bring to the table.

If you feel you have been bullied and need someone to talk to, you can all reach out to me. None of the women involved with WIHM have gone out of their way to bully or harass ANYONE for being against WIHM. Anyone who says otherwise, is just trying to start unnecessary drama because they cannot find anything better to do with their time. There are times where a few of us have stood up for ourselves on immature posts slandering us but if you actually pay attention to our comments, we are very professional and leave out the name calling.

When we first heard of WIHM years ago, Hannah was a guest on our all girl podcast, “The Gash.” I wasn’t all gung-ho from the start and that’s no secret. I too asked, “Do we really need a WIHM?” After a little time getting to know these ladies more and more, working side by side, and even joining some on film, I asked myself, “What is so wrong with WIHM? Why are people freaking out over a few girls helping those in need and trying to get more women involved?” I especially adored the women for all the charities and money they had raised to help those in need. Those who know me well enough know that for years I have been involved with charity events and women shelters along with support groups for women who have had abortions. It didn’t take long for the girls to convince me that they had something truly amazing and special taking place and I decided to join in. To my amazement, a male figure had a hard time understanding why us girls would come together to make a cook book with poems, all provided by women, with the proceeds going straight towards the GetSafe Project. How anyone finds charitable acts such as this disgusting is beyond me. Men, you have my support if you want to create your own charitable events.

So what do those involved with WIHM provide other than showing women that they too can be more involved behind the camera? This is something I’ve repeated article after article, blog, after blog. So I will let the organizations creator, Hannah Neurotica, answer it for you, “WIHM has been a non-profit organization. All events that took place would always give any profits to a local charity of their choice. So many amazing things have happened over the years. Not only have we gotten to see some great films/art by women gain more recognition but the month also has provided services to local communities around the world as well. This has been in the form of blood donations by the buckets, marrow drive, clothing drives, monetary donations to women’s crisis centers, and beyond.”

When it comes to WIHM, there’s so much more to be said but I have already touched this issue several times in the past that’s still accessible to the web for everyone to read. I would like to ask all parties to please just make peace and go about your business. I am not asking you to support WIHM. I am asking that you relax, have a drink, and spend more time focused on the things you would like to support. If you cannot debate like an adult, then I can’t spend anymore time trying to figure out how to help you. No one involved with WIHM has gone out of their way to attack or even contact those who feel they are being attacked. There is no reason for this accusation to be thrown around if no one has tried to contact you.

Last but not least, can I just mention how awesome of a director Katt Shea is? No one ever mentions her in these articles. Stripped to Kill on VHS sometimes goes for $100 after all these years. Carrie 2: The Rage anyone? Thank you to Katt Shea for being so inspirational to me and so kind.