VHS Review: Psycho – Tumbling Doll of Flesh



A throwback to the 80’s infamous Japanese Guinea Pig films, Tumbling Doll of Flesh is a 1998 porno horror film available only on VHS and YouTube. Written and directed by Tamakichi Anaru. Starring Kikurin, Yuuji Kitano, Kanako Ooba, and Tamakichi Anaru himself is in the film.

Kana and Kiku are hired to make a porno together. After the pixelated lovin’ and fellatio (All Japanese porn is pixelated,) the group eats a few raw lobsters (gross) then proceeds to filming another sex scene. Only this time, the director has introduced bondage, candle wax, dildos, and enemas up Kana’s butt hole. Kana has had enough and attempts to leave until the crew knocks her down and ties her to the bed. Poor Kana had no idea the torture that was to come.

It appears that Kiku must be in on it, there were no subtitles for me to tell. This is merely speculation since he’s still humping away as the director chops the gal’s leg off. Kiku even chops off the other leg then has sex with her innards. Gross. This whole time, Kana is forced to stay awake after the director injects medicine into her veins. The guys keep chopping away and eventually cut off the girl’s tongue. Kiku gets what’s coming to him with a meat cleaver and his dick is inevitably cut off.


 Photos courtesy of film’s Facebook page.



What is it that compels us sick freaks to watch such filth? By no means is this film enjoyable but I am pretty sure a lot of wackos wank off to it. This snuff film is probably some of the sickest shit I have ever seen on screen and I’ve seen some pretty fucked up shit. The effects are pretty extraordinary, for the most part. The picture quality isn’t all that in a bag of potato chips though. The uneven but atmospheric score was provided by Barom One. For me, it was up there with Flower Flesh of Blood. It’s all the same shit. The only difference here is that’s it’s far more pornographic and 72-minutes long whereas the other lasts for 30-minutes.