TV on DVD/Blu Ray Review-Dexter-The Final Season


coming to you November 12th

Review-The concept of a show like Dexter is such a win. You have the evil good guy, a blood spatter expert who is employed by the Miami Metro who is a serial killer. From the start of this series we watched Dexter follow this moral code that was taught to him by his late father Harry. I have followed the show since the first season, there has been highs like the cat and mouse game with a serial killer known as Trinity and Lumen who we were all pushing for them to be a couple. The show has also had some lows like the writing of the last three seasons. Season 7 to me I felt was horrible, even for the most diehard fans. It asked a lot of us, while the season ended pretty much where six ended with Deborah his sister knowing what her brother is and wanting to be with him. As bad season 7 was, it was nothing compared to how awful season 8 is.

The season 7 ending had Deborah having to choose between Dexter and Lt. Maria LaGuerta on whom to kill and choosing to side with her brother and kill La Guerta. So, the ending was them walking happily as one. But, this season opens a few months later and Deborah is a changed person all of a sudden. She is now working with an independent company trying to take down a criminal which she is deep undercover pretending to be his girlfriend. Deborah is also now abusing alcohol and other things. She is in regret that she killed the wrong person; she feels she needed to kill her brother. Dexter now seems to come across like a neutered dog. He is no longer the cold blooded killer he once was, now he is more soap opera and less scary.

This time around a character is introduced to us by the name of Dr. Evelyn Vogel. She is a psychologist who comes to help investigate a series of murders in which a portion of the victim’s brain is removed. At first we realize that she seems much occupied with Dexter, like she knows something about him. As the season goes on we learn that Harry told her about Dexter and this code. She wants Dexter to use this code to track down one of her patients that she thinks is this killer. Well, along with this, Deborah comes to help Dexter out to find this killer when the Dr. goes missing. In addition to all this we get the return of Hannah who is a serial killer as well that broke out of jail last year and Dexter feels is his soul mate.

The issues I had with this season were the writing was awful and that the characters this time just seemed to be bored. If this is the way the show is ending that is ok with me, there is no real payoff for people who stuck with it since the beginning. A show that started with a huge roar, it seems sad that this show lost its way and ended with a small whimper. Is it the end, the ending seems like they are unsure? I heard rumors that there is more coming, and I heard rumors that Michael is happy now trying to do films. I feel after Gamer, he should hope for more Dexter. I hope that they take this last season to task, and do something for the people who stuck with the show and not let it end like this.

5 out of 10