The Walking Dead: Episode 4.07: Dead Weight Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4.07 Dead Weight ReviewFULL SPOILERS AHEAD!

As expected, The Governor’s attempt at a more virtuous life did not last very long – one episode actually. My main takeaway from “The Walking Dead” Episode 4.07 “Dead Weight” is that The Governor has the ability to be a stable human being when he is all alone with his stand-in family, but once faced with the real world and its pains, he reverts into the madman that we have come to know.

“Dead Weight” was quite a capable episode of “The Walking Dead” with the opening segments being the most interesting. Again, we are given the chess metaphors being told about not letting others win as it leads to hollow victories. We are also given more insight into The Governor’s past and his abusive childhood.

As “Dead Weight” moves on, we find out that The Governor has no desire to share power and he begins to return to his former self a little more with each scene. By the end of the episode, we see The Governor with Michonne in his sights.

The midseason finale is next week, and it looks to be a second big showdown at the prison. We are also promised that “some will fall,” so we can expect to lose a few characters. My gut feeling is that we are not losing anyone that has been a highly significant character in the show. Not much attention has been paid to a lot of the prison’s main members this season, so I cannot see one of these characters being killed off. It would not be nearly as effective if they killed some of these characters out right now. I am looking more at the lesser supporting cast members being the ones we lose.