The Walking Dead: Episode 4.06: Live Bait Review

The Walking Dead Episode 4.06 Live Bait

The Governor is back as we say at the end of the last episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” We knew that he would return at some point because of his overwhelming popularity during his first round on the show. My feeling was that his return was a little too soon, but since the time has come, I will take what I can get.

Viewers who remember The Governor will get to see a new side to the man, his more human side, as he begins his emotional journey past his last encounter with the survivors. Also, viewers of the show will get something that they would have never expected, an episode sans the survivors in the prison. The show has a lot invested in The Governor and this episode proves it. My guess is that Episode 4.07, “Dead Weight,” will also be another episode featuring The Governor’s return. Episode 4.08 will be the mid-season finale, so my best guess is that will be the episode in which The Governor’s reunion with the prison.

Remember that earlier in the season, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) mentioned that two episodes that did not feature his character might be the best episodes that the show has ever had. It could be a safe bet to assume that the next will be another episode as The Governor as the standalone character. Also, we expect to see a major death in the next few episodes based on another of Lincoln’s comments this season that it would include a “painful” scene.

“Live Bait” is a very production episode for “The Walking Dead” because the show has now proven that it is much more than just the prison characters. The depth added to The Governor’s character show a very human side to the man. Of course, The Governor’s emotional journey shows that the man has underwent some changes, but he is hardly a different person. From the moment where he shaves the scraggly beard and teaches chess to Meghan, the little girl that we just know he sees his daughter in, he explains how you can still win the war even by losing a lot of soldiers in reference to losing pawns in chess. Also, when he loses his tempter, he is absolutely out of control performing inhuman feats that one would not wish on their worst enemy.

I find myself want to reserve judgement on “Live Bait” for now though, because its effectiveness will be based on what is to come of The Governor in the near future. If he reverts back to The Governor of old, then this would have been a wasted episode. If they want to add emotion and depth to this antihero, it could be very interesting to see where we go from here. There have been a few times where we have questioned the actions of Rick and classified him as inhumane. Could The Governor just be misunderstood? Is he more like Rick that we realize? If “The Walking Dead” was to go this direction, it could become rather interesting. We cannot look to the comic series on insight because all of this going on never happened in that series.