The Walking Dead: Episode 4.05: Internment Review

Episode Title: Internment
Writer: Channing Powell
Director: David Boyd


The Walking Dead: Episode 4.05: Internment Review

The latest episode of “The Walking Dead,” Episode 4.05: “Internment,” was, in many ways, Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) episode. With all of the assistance that Hershel gives to the flu sufferers, he saved the day in many ways. The ending scene where Hershel cannot even find solice in his Bible is very telling of the situation taking its toll on all of the survivors. This closing scene was very powerful.

Not to be outdone though, we also finally get a glimpse of The Governor (David Morrissey) coming back to the forefront. We all knew he would return at some point and it looks like it his involvement in the recent happenings will be revealed. Is he feeding the zombies? Did he poison the water supply? We shall soon find out.

We also learn that Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has exiled Carol (Melissa McBride) and may be having trouble coming to terms with what he has done. Preliminary reaction to this exile seem okay, but since Rick has not notified Daryl (Norman Reedus) yet, things may change very soon. There is no telling what Daryl’s reaction will be as his relationship with Carol with very tight.

With all of that being said, “Internment” was not all peaches and cream. For the first time in the series’ four seasons does it start to feel like they are playing it safe. The characters that we are losing are practically throw away characters that we do not have anything invested in. There has been little to no development of these characters, so losing them is not affecting us like the series is hoping that it will. At no point are the main characters in danger of not surviving the flu and that is something that the writers are missing out on.

Only time will tell if the return of The Governor wraps some of the questions up and if they are bringing him back too soon. We did not even have a chance to forget that he would return. We all knew that it was coming, but I was hoping that they would delay his return a little longer in order to build up some of the characters that we know little about.