Sleepy Hollow: Episode 1.07: The Midnight Ride Review

Episode Title: “The Midnight Ride”
Writer: Heather V. Regnier
Director: Doug Aarniokoski

Sleepy Hollow Episode 1.07 The Midnight Ride

To say that I have been less than enthused as to how “Sleepy Hollow” has been progressing as of late would be an understatement. For a show with a strong debut and a couple of intriguing episodes, “Sleepy Hollow” has been playing it safe for the most part and underutilizing some of the most interesting characters. The Headless Horseman had not been a legitimate threat. That is until Episode 1.07: “The Midnight Ride.” By the end of this episode, we were finally treated to some really good work.

The closing scenes to “The Midnight Ride” were both shot beautifully and introduced the much needed suspense missing from more recent episodes. Another concern was the under-utilization of John Cho. Thankfully, his return was also made in the latest episode. Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) is a character that I would love to see more of, and his role in the ending of this episode made a point that he will be a major player in the coming episodes.

Up to this point, the main reason to tune in has been Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) with his knack for always adding comic relief at the most opportune moments. As far as Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) goes, I am still not sure how I feel about her. For the most part, I love her role, but at times, she seems like a background character paling in comparison to Crane. For the series to succeed, it will need more than one major character.

The other major flaw is the lack of variety with the villians. This was the most effective use of the Horseman, but up to this point, he was an afterthought. “Sleepy Hollow” needs to think about introducing more villians to spice things up.

Also, we all know that Crane will not be taken off the show as the show is centered around him. We do not need to see trailers of how his life is in danger when we know that there is no remote possibility of him not surviving. They need to make more believable and effective cliffhangers. “The Midnight Ride” leaves us pondering on their next move. What are the plans with the Horseman? Will we find out that he is under the employ of something more dangerous? Will he escape? Okay, we can pretty much assume that he will be escaping very soon. Hopefully, the means by which he does so will make sense and forward the plot of the season.

Overall, “The Midnight Ride” was indeed a fun ride which breathed some life back into the series for me as I am not feeling it as much as others are. I would venture to say that my biggest issue with the series is that it is in no way a horror series, which it is being billed as. It is a very mainstream show for mainstream television fans. Of course, that is the smart choice to make for the show’s creators as that is how to get the bigger numbers.