Music Review(s)- Aborym-Dirty–Monster Magnet-Lost Patrol–Heretic’s Dream-Walk in Time


1. Irreversible Crisis (4:25)
2. Across the Universe (5:41)
3. Dirty (3:50)
4. Bleedthrough (3:33)
5. Raped by Daddy (5:43)
6. I Don’t Know (4:44)
7. The Factory of Death (7:22)
8. Helter Skelter Youth (4:26)
9. Face the Reptile (5:45)
10. The Day the Sun Stop Shining (5:33)

Line-up / Musicians

– Malfeitor Fabban / Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
– Faust / Drums
– Paolo Pieri / Guitars, Keyboards, Programming

Review-The 6th record from industrial black metal Aborym is something as a music fan to be excited about. Irreversible Crisis opens the cd in a fury at first; till it gets to the chorus then it seems to go into this KMFDM meets Marilyn Manson-like melody. This band showcases on this track and all over this cd that it thinks outside the box and is super creative. This cd while all over the map does not lack passion, or energy. This band really shows that music has no bounds, and its sound is so scattered track to track that I found the confusion part of the fun to this band. I think people who miss the old fury and passion of industrial metal, will dig the fuck out of this cd.

8 out of 10


Review-Monster Magnet are one of those bands that I thought when Soundgarden broke, they would break with them. While I am still partial to Spine of God and Powertrip being their best two records. Like 2010’s Mastermind, I really dig this new record. The space age psychedelic stoners are still putting out some great music, and this time they seem to be inside the mushrooms and trying to conjure up the 70’s era. This cd seems to be a meshing, the past, present and maybe the future of this band as they move forward. This is a band that knows there time has come and gone, but can give two shits and still putting out the music they want to release. The lyrics are so out there and silly, that once you hear the sound you get it. Last Patrol is one of those cds that is so out there with the psychedelic, spaced out and riffs that as you listen to it more and more it grows on you.

8.5 out of 10



Francesca Di Ventura-Lead Vocals
Andrej Surace-Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Carlo Nicolucci-Rhytm Guitar
Emiliano Baccini-Bass
Maurilio Di Stefano-Drums

Review-In January I reviewed the debut record from this band and felt they had a bright future, and less than 10 months later I received the follow up which I feel mixed about. To start off, Francesca is an amazing vocalist and the band is capable of really delivering when motivated. Some of the songs start off really rifftastic and heavy then we get the pop vocals that I feel do not fit the energy that the song was building from. Francesca is an amazing vocalist and really seems content with this pop commercial territory that the band was flirting with the first record but seems firmly confined to with this record. That is the shame of this record, I wanted them to just go for it, and they seem like they are trying to fit in more than stand out. Her delivery at times sounds like she is not sure what she is trying to accomplish in the song. Why do all female vocalists these days either have to lean towards to Opera or pop? Outcasted is a good example of what I was expecting more of on this cd, that one song to me shows signs of a band that really has the chops to put their name on this scene. This record has so many elements and glimmers of hope, this is a band that has fucking potential but seem like they are trying to figure out what works for them. This record just feels like an unfinished idea. I really did not want to dislike this record, because I know this band has all the tools to make it, I just wish they believed in themselves as much as critics like me do.

4 out of 10