Music Review-Tantric-37 Channels


Review-Tantric has sure had quite the career so far. This band was formed when the backing band to Travis Meeks left Days of the New to form a new band. They discovered singer Hugo Ferreira and made an impact with people who were into bands like Creed and Three Doors Down. Welcome to 2013, and the other 3 founding members have all left thru the years and now Hugo is the sole survivor. The 5th release by Tantric and the first one since 2008 is such a catchy little record that as it keeps going along it gets infectious. 37 Channels seems to find a comfort zone between alt rock meets southern country. Songs like Rise, Mosquita and Again just feel like songs that if music was more featured on channels like VH1 and MTV, could all become little hits. I will admit I only have the first two Tantric releases, and I bought them more for the curiosity what the Days of the New guys can do, because I was such a fan of the debut by that band. This record started to grow on me the more I listened to it, and the parts that work the best are the more emotional moments. This cd could almost be seen as a statement that a band is still strong when all the parts are gone but one. The heaviness I remember from the first two records are gone, in favor of this southern charm that the cd gives to get a lot of the band’s chest. This is an interesting record; I feel it is more of a rebuilding and rediscovering moment. As a whole, some songs really worked with me and some I guess were not so catchy or speaking out to me, but I really did enjoy a band that I feel just threw its sound and completely tried to change everything and give people a new day in this band’s career. Makes me want to hear the other records and see what I have been missing. This was better than anything I was expecting from this band despite all that has happened.

7 out of 10