Music Review-Pro-Pain-The Final Revolution



One shot one klll
Problem reaction solution
The final revolution
Can’t stop the pain
All systems fail
Want some?
Fall from grace
Mass extinction
Under the gun

Review-I discovered Pro-Pain around the time Foul Taste of Freedom first came out. I know most fans jumped off that bandwagon when The Truth Hurts was the follow-up. I for one thought the cd was not that bad, and I loved that the band was willing to experiment with their core sound. It just seems that everything after that release was to try and show fans that they are still angry and hardcore. Where the music on their newest cds started to sound like the last cd they did, so much so that I jumped off the bandwagon. I admit when Straight to the Dome came out, I was curious after not hearing new Pro-Pain in over a decade, I actually dug the cd and felt it was a good return to form for the band. This new cd is pissed off and so angry, the riffs are loud and the attack is pummeling. I will admit the majority of this cd comes right out of the gates attacking and swinging. One Shot, One Kill brings back some of that flair that was not seen since Foul Taste. To me, as much as I loved the last cd, this cd is quite the follow up. This cd from start to finish is classic Pro-Pain that really does not seem to want to follow any trend but to give the die-hards who stuck with them, something to really be happy about. This cd is just attitude, rifftastic and just spewing so much fuck you passion that you cannot stop playing this cd once you start it. After 22 years and many cds later, this band still delivers like it is a new upstart. This cd goes back to the start, and does not really deviate from the sound people know. That would be my only negative, I wish this cd would at least open up some new ideas or the songs had something thrown in to throw us off. (I am not talking about using Ice-T again. Let the last Body Count cd and the awful Six Feet Under song be all the Ice T in metal we need for one lifetime.) The other negative is that by the time the cd gets to song 10, it feels like it loses steam and feels like it is just trying to coast to finish. But, I will say these first 9 songs or so, were very good and the last three well could have been better. I feel Pro-Pain in this style of music have done all they can do and this is a fitting end if that is what it all means. There seems to be some underlining message with the title and some of the lyrics in this cd, that maybe this could be the end, if so Pro-Pain left with a pissed off finger in the air of music.

7.5 out of 10

  • Devil’s Chord

    I haven’t picked this one up yet, but I’m a huge Pro-Pain fan. (I have enjoyed all of their albums, though Foul Taste of Freedom is my favorite.) I’ll be picking this one up soon. It seems to be getting overall great reviews – but I wouldn’t care anyway. For Pro-Pain, I gotta have ’em all!