Music Review: Badi Assad: Solo (1994)

Badi Assad Solo

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Brazilian Badi Assad is the younger sister of Sergio and Odair Assad, partners in a world-famous classical guitar duo. As expected, coming from this musically talented family, Assad has a special knack to offer her unique talents in a unique manner. With the release of “Solo,” Assad showcases her Brazilian guitar talents in addition to her soulful voice throughout much of the album.

From heartbreaking tracks to Palhaco, which paint a sad portrait of despair to fun numbers such as Vrap, “Solo” is filled with tracks that touch on all nerves and are able to shift from one extreme to another fluidly between tracks.

Other tracks like Rua Harmonia can intertwine multiple sensations in the same track and also throw in some blues licks. Rua Harmonia is one of the premiere tracks on this release which really showcases Assad’s guitar talents.

With a world music flare to the entire album, “Solo” is a special piece of art that music fans in general can appreciate, but guitar afficionados will absolutely adore.

Solo Track Listing:
1. Num Pagode em Planaltina
2. Preludio e Toccatina
3. A Bela e a Fera
4. Valseana
5. Tamoimoe
6. When the Fire Burns Low
7. Fuoco (Libra Sonatine)
8. Joana Francesa
9. Vrap
10. Palhaco
11. Rua Harmonia
12. Estudo #1/ Assum Preto
13. Homenagem a Radames Gnattalli
14. Drume Negrita