Movie Review-To Haunt You


Review-Liberty or Death Productions I discovered when I started watching The Collective series from Jabb Pictures. James Mannan and his crew made some interesting and one can say odd short little films that I knew if they were releasing a full length film I just had to see what these insane minds could think up. If you grabbed your dictionary and looked up the term Independent (D.I.Y) filmmaking, this film could have a picture in the description. Like most indie films there is a lot of things about this film that worked for me, and some that did not. To Haunt You, if anything else is so ambitious. For what they lack in budget they try to make up in heart and it shows on each scene thru this whole film. The main character is a beautiful young woman named Jill who seems to be getting phone calls who when she answers no one seems to be on the phone. At first she thinks it is her ex-lover Greg, till we find out that Greg is dead. She has her friend Paige to help her out, and then odd things start happening. We see a woman who seems to be creepy and on the television screen when she gets cut we see the words Hurt You. There is more of a thriller element to this film than horror, you do get some creepy moments that will keep your attention. This film for me I felt the biggest negative was that the last 20 minutes felt so rushed. I think when you are used to shooting ten minute films to shoot a film that goes a little over an hour is quite a different animal. The biggest positive to this film is the acting; I really feel that some of the performances in this film were anything but indie. The stars of this film were believable and realized that due to the budget they would have to help bring a tension, a fear and they really delivered. That being said though, the film is far from perfect but it is close enough to fun that I feel people could sit back and enjoy what it does offer till the last 20 minutes. I just wish James and the crew had a bigger budget or more time, then I feel we would have maybe got a different scenario. But, that gripe aside which I harped on enough, the film does work till that point and the acting is top notch. I think James will get some people talking, but seek out his stuff in the Collective series, and see what these guys are really capable of. I feel this film is decent enough to watch if you know what you are getting yourself into.

6 out of 10