Movie Review-The World’s End


Review-Edgar Wright’s finale to the Cornetto trilogy focuses on immature adult Gary King, and his refusing to grow up and his love of drinking. When Gary was a teen, he and his friends had a drinking marathon they would do, that the goal was to get a pint at all these bars all the way to the World’s End. It always bothered Gary that he and the boys could never finish it. So, 2 decades later he decides to reunite the gang to try again to finish and end up at the last bar. When they get back to the town of their teen years to do this competition, they realize that something is wrong with the people in the town. And because Wright and Pegg wrote this film, like the two films before in this trilogy there is so much more going on, that as the film goes on we will start to discover and laugh along with it. As much as I loved Shaun and Hot Fuzz, to me this is the best of the trilogy. The script had the perfect balance of comedy, touching and cleverness. I know people are going to be turning this on for the science fiction element, which they did not push on us, or rush. They delivered a very solid story that the science fiction seemed like the added icing on the cake. The actors I felt were all fine, Simon Pegg showed off many dimensions to his portrayal of Gary. Where I felt with the last Star Trek that Simon seemed too stuck in the same character, this time he went out of his comfort zone. His humor and delivery was very dark, and also he shows us signs of a man in desperation, loneliness and very self-centered. The science fiction element has a 50’s feel with a modern touch. Somehow the guys decide that beside the aliens that they should keep on drinking to make their quest. This film has the Hot Fuzz pace, where it takes a while to get things going or established, but the humor in the film and the heart shown by all involved is so well worth the wait. Being a huge Sisters of Mercy and Charlatans fan, I love to see them both represented in this film. My negatives to this film are that I wish this film was longer, so I can get more. I did not want this film to end, it is one of those films that if you watch it once, you will watch it two more times then tell two friends about it, and watch it again with them, and then keep on. This film is proof that the Oscars need to look outside of their comfort zones and try to nominate at least Simon Pegg for an Oscar for this film. I think you got the point that this film is flat out amazing and highly recommended.

9 out of 10