Movie Review-The Caretaker


Review-The Caretaker is one of those films that I really wanted to like more than I did. The story is your basic friends go on a vacation meet up with a guy named The Caretaker and things start happening. The little twist to this is that one of the characters has a sick dog that he wants to put down, and thru this meeting with the Caretaker decides that he should let him put his dog down. The characters in the film are decent, you have the handicapped military man, the women and the two guys we are not really sure what their deal is. The film plays out decent enough; the pace of the film is slow at times way too slow. I felt a little suspense, but the film is hindered so badly by the budget. The kills in this film are pretty bad, almost to the point that you wish they just would not have tried. There is a scene later in the film where someone gets shot, and it just was bad. That leads me to the negatives; this film really had some glaring negatives. One scene where the woman is in the shower and when she gets out she goes downstairs and her hair is dry all of a sudden. Then, we get a scene where her and the Caretaker go on the road looking for a place for her to use her phone and that back and forth between them two is just unforgivably bad. This film leads up to this finale which I thought would wipe away the negatives, but the ending made them even worst. The issues with this film are not the actors, they did the best they could and really worked hard to get the material and premise over. The issues were not the script which I felt had cleverness to it somewhat. The issues were the budget and what they tried to give us in terms of horror. This film really tries hard, but I just feel that they should have put more thoughts into what it wanted to give us in terms of scaring us. Sometimes with a limited budget, mentioned is better than seen. All in all, this is a film that I feel defines DIY low budget filmmaking to a tee. I am just glad it was not a found footage or zombie film that they at least tried to give us familiarity with a slice of something different. This could be seen to a point as a tame watered down version of Wolf Creek, if it was completely shot for a miniscule budget. If anything, this film may be the start of the ride for all involved to bigger and better projects. I have seen better films, but lord knows I have seen a lot worst.

4.5 out of 10