Movie Review-Stitch


Review-Edward Furlong’s resume is as questionable as how he never capitalized with any of his comeback vehicles. I felt American History X and Pecker were films that would help build his credibility as an actor. I felt when Detroit Rock City flopped for not only him but the band Kiss that Furlong may have taken it hard. After that film, he just did not seem the same. Then were the reports of him and his then-love Natasha Lyonne doing this and that, his reputation getting bad press and just his antics. I felt that he had another chance with the remake of Night of the Demons, but somehow or another he just did not get back to where he once was. Stitch is a film that fits Furlong to a tee, and is clearly another reason why this man deserves at least another chance. The film is basically about Marsden and Serafina as they cope with the loss of their daughter. Along with another couple, they go to a place in the middle of nowhere to maybe clear their heads. Right from the start, you can tell there is something wrong with the place when the lady waiting for them, does not want to go inside herself and just leaves when the four show up. We learn that the house seems to have something evil inside. They cannot leave because outside is a bad storm that has them trapped inside. They have no outside communication, so no one can save them. In addition to all this, there is something inside this house that is going after each one of them. This attacker seems to be intent on putting scars and stitches on a victim that seems to be telling a story. This film was just flat out odd, it starts very slow, but builds very rapid. I wish there was more backstory, but I am happy that they did try to give us some suspense and create something different. This film has a huge positive to it; it is clearly thinking outside of the box from start to finish. This is a big shock considering that this is a first time director. With this film, they seem to want to make a statement that horror does not have to be predictable or a sequel, remake and dumbed down to work. The characters were fun, you can tell all involved were on the screen to give you guys some form of escape, some believability in a genre that really wants you to sustain your disbelief. The negatives to this film, I wish there was more of a horror element than there was. The stitches in the film looked gruesome enough, I wish there was more blood and guts, because a name like Stitch I was really expecting some gore. Those gripes aside, this film was well written and well-acted, and from start to finish really gave you some fun. If this is an early sign what 2014 has in store, I feel horror is going to have a hell of a year. This is a must see film.

8 out of 10