Movie Review-Red 2


Coming out November 26th

Review-Things I can admit to. I admit I was a fan somewhat of the first Red film, I also admit that lately Bruce Willis has been really phoning it in with his roles in films and outside of the films is really making a bad name with himself with rumors of his demands to be in the next Expendables film and the press junket attitude he had for Red 2. The plot is about Frank and Sarah who go shopping one day and when Marvin who is Frank’s long time buddy runs into them and says they are all in danger that someone is coming for them, which results in the Bruce Willis shtick of that he is retired. Retirement as you know when you see a film like this is short lived. When Marvin drives off his car explodes. Well, Frank needs some kind of proof the death so he takes a pin and stabs Marvin. After the funeral, Frank is taken for questioning. While he is there, Jack Horton breaks in and kills everyone and takes Frank hostage, and threatens to kill Sarah if Frank does not cooperate with him. Well, if you are still with me, Marvin appears at the scene and he is alive and well, and the three of them take off on the road. This story goes in so many circles and sub-plots that if you blink you may not know what is going on. After the last Die Hard film and his role in the last GI Joe film, it just seems that Willis is on empty and just rehashing old parts of past roles. The story was lazy enough; it is just basically old cold war stuff that seems so dated. You can tell all involved were not so excited about this film. The chemistry and charm of the first film is gone, and in its place is just laziness in the characters and lack of personality. The acting is bad, not last Die Hard bad or GI Joe bad, but pretty bad. I feel this film tried to recapture that magic of the first film, which in certain times of the film it does come close to accomplishing, but so much of this film felt ho-hum or average or below. Nothing really stood out to me as a reason to recommend anyone to see this film. I love the Red premise and I feel that if everyone was on board with the script and direction this would have been a worthy follow up. I just feel Willis really needs a role that challenges him. That really showcases his true talents. Instead we get dud after dud with no signs of letting up. This film should have been so much better than what the number below states. The positive to this is that I think this kills all hope for a Red 3.

4 out of 10