Movie Review-Primitive


Review-To understand a film like Primitive is to really love small indie films. The first message you get from this film is that the people involved love horror films and also are fans of old school creature films. Those factors really do not make a film any much more watchable, which this film falls victim to. The story and plot are so done to death, you get a character named Martin who may or may not have this rage that manifests itself into some Hulk-like stage. Martin is being accused of being the killer and slashing these people up. The film stars Reggie Bannister and someone released half thru the season of Face/Off named Tom Devlin. This film has amazing gore and Tom does a great job in that department, but the story, plot basically is so thin and predictable that you really wish they would have thought that out some more. This film tethers on the Jekyll and Hyde philosophy with Martin, and tries to create this fine line between hero and enemy. The cast is basically beside Reggie a lot of names who are trying to make a mark, and they do the best they can and it is not really their fault that they come across as one dimensional and boring. The film is basically not a CGI effects film you get a man in a costume who really gives it a good try. I did not mind the creature and the shit the beast causes. I felt the film tried to use gore as a plot point or backstory, but I think the gore for what it was, was fun enough it did not need to substitute for what the film lacked. As a whole, the film had great gore and a cool looking old school nod to a monster. The negatives, the acting was atrocious, unforgivably bad and the characters just seemed like chess pieces that were sitting around waiting to be taken off the board. The film is a tough watch even for an indie film fan, but I feel that some may dig the gore enough to stick around with this much help needed film.

4.5 out of 10