Movie Review-Killer Holiday


Review-Please forgive me if this review comes across as confusing. I am confused to all hell at what I just watched. Watching the film two things stuck out to me right off the bat, one being that the guy behind this film had to have a background in music video and two being that this film was done on the very cheap. This film is literally a series of unfinished ideas which were molded together to be a complete and finished project. The style of this film is confusing, we go color to black and white, and it seems forwards and backwards and vice versa scene to scene. The film opens going thru what seems like 15 different camera lenses, to tell us the story of a killer murdering the parents of a girl who is going on a trip with her friends. The killer who we know very little about follows them. The motives of the killer are ummmm…to be honest, they never tell us and if they did I was so puzzled trying to figure this film out I lost my attention span for a second. The gore moments in the beginning were pretty desperate at best, like they did not have a script or any sort of direction, but wanted to dumb you down with blood and stale characters. The stale characters are the teens who are so stereotypical and bland, that you can care less what happens to them and almost stick with the film to watch them all die. As the cover tells you, this is a slasher film that will eventually move to an amusement park. There is nothing original about this film, nothing good about this film. Half of the kills in the later part of the film are so dark that you cannot really get a grasp on what is going on. This film felt like a bad excuse to call someone a director and better yet an actor/actress. There is a film out right now called Jack the Reaper which seems to be almost the same premise, and is a thousand times better and more watchable than this film. This film could have been so much better with more thought, better writing and characters that had growth and personality to them. The characters in this film were so wooden and one dimensional that you could watch the film with no volume and guess the dialogue and would more than likely is correct most of the time. Any positive to this film…I guess that I turned it off afterwards that it did have an end could be a positive. I understand that music video directors have that hyper style that energy that everything has to be told in 3 minutes or less, I feel that with a 89 minute film that he should watch this film and realize that he needs to slow down, to tell a story and basically just give us more than cardboard cutouts that are meant to parlay emotion and make the viewer care. We can always look past the first film or second film as a learning curve; let’s see if he learns on the next feature.

2.5 out of 10