Movie Review-Indie Director


Review-Bill Zebub is one of those film directors that his films are either going to entertain you in an odd way or offend you in every way. Indie Director is a softer side of Zebub, gone is all the religious overtones and Satanism and in its place is a story that feels like it could be a documentary more than a movie. I feel at this point in his career, Zebub clearly knows who his films speak to and for those fans he always is going to deliver on the things like the metal background music, the nudity and the cheesy bad humor that you hate yourself when you laugh. In a Zebub film, if you look for a plot or character development you clearly need to do some homework on the man. The most character development you get is when a woman parades around on screen to manipulate your sexual organ. Plot-wise, this time out Zebub gives us a story about him trying to show people a slice of his life. When you watch certain scenes in this film like when he is at a convention and has an empty line at his table and then gets one customer who basically Zebub gives him a film, you feel that Zebub is speaking out about the industry and how indie seems to be forgotten unless they sell out like some, and will whore themselves, stab any back and contradict every word that comes out of their mouth for a buck or a foot in some door. The film also does something else promotes other films, you would think Zebub cared more about promoting Crossbearer than any film in his library. There is a little scene that involves the Crossbearer people and hula-hoops that I got out of my seat and cheered that people are giving this film so much love. The film I feel is Zebub’s statement about his morals, values and that he does not have to do sacrilegious humor films to get attention. The one thing that I noticed about this film that made me use the word documentary was that this film may seem humorous, but it feels like it also carries a serious underlining meaning that feels like more of an experience that Zebub felt to get off his chest. The negatives to this film I wish Zebub would have taken certain elements of this film a little more serious. I mean as a red-blooded straight male, I love a nude woman but I felt the material was strong enough that maybe I wanted more in-depth about the trials and tribulations of an indie director. The script is so paper-thin, that you get the normal Zebub shtick with a little serious mixed in, but then we go back to the basic formula that Zebub does in all his films, nudity + metal music+ juvenile humor =substance. I like the fact that Zebub tried to make some of it serious, but I felt that he should have made more of it not seem like some joke. Now, I like Zebub and he knows I am one of his biggest fans, but his work does seem to get repetitious after a while. Now, that being said there is enough heart in this film that I enjoyed the experience and to know that this film is a love letter more than a one night stand fucking, I feel people who never witnessed him before will enjoy this film. I always felt Zebub’s films would be awesome to be playing on a big screen at a death metal show. Can you picture the pits when most of these sweaty dudes finally see a set of breast that do not come with a roll and coleslaw? Or the pits when they see me coming and remember the comment I made.

7 out of 10