Movie Review-I AM NO ONE


I AM NO ONE will World Premiere at Days of the Dead Chicago November 17th at 1:00pm

Review-Jason Hoover in the last installment of The Collective did a ten minute short on a serial killer named Charles Lake. What Jason and his crew gave us in that short amount of time really opened the door for them to give us an hour look into the world of this madman of sorts. This film is a character study, a story told to us by the subject and also viewed by us by his actions. The film is broken down into chapters, and each one explains to us more and more about the inside of the mind of someone who seems by day to be normal like us. He is a telemarketer hocking a weight loss product that he could care less if people bought it or not, or if it killed them or not. We get a chapter dedicated to him cold calling people on the phone trying to make money doing his job. We watch him as he seems to be a loner in a world that Jabb Pictures shows us at times is loud and everyone around him seems to be lost in their world of happiness and everyday emotions, while Charles seems to be looking thru a telescope of sorts at all around him and despising it all.

What you get out of the film all depends on how you connect with the main character Charles Lake. This film is basically going into his mind and listening to him telling us everything about his life and what brought him to this point. He seems to think of himself as maybe a martyr, that life for him is like a light switch, that some days are light and some days are total darkness. The film builds up with the director following him throughout to get to the ending that is a good little payoff. I mean, when people think about these kinds of films they are going to compare it to old school films like Henry or Behind the Mask, or films that came out in the last few years like a Long Pigs. Those comparisons are warranted for the premise of the film, but if you go into this film expecting that, you may not be satisfied. This film only has really one gore scene, and other than breaking up dolls, this is more dialogue based than actual actions. This could be seen as more of a fear film that you cannot tell these days who is who. I mean to look at Charles Lake and listen to him talk; he could be anyone, your neighbor, the guy who you had sex with, and really any guy. That element of the film really to me sold me on this idea and concept, that this is just an ordinary everyday guy who does everyday things, to watch him co-exist with society really worries the viewer, he could at any time snap and change the life of someone and the family of that someone. To be fair, the film is ambitious, smart and at times really intriguing. The negatives to this film are that some of the chapters do not work and maybe need a little more explanation. Like the symbolism of him breaking up a doll and flushing it down the toilet. Do dolls represent us? The girl who wanted to go to the prom with him? Sometimes, Charles Lake does seem to ramble on and on without getting to a point, or when he does reach a point, it feels that it was maybe too long winded. I feel the story of Charles Lake was great as a ten minute short on the last Collective dvd, as a 59 minute film it was good but I feel it needed to show us more of what he does than tell us. I mean I know it is low budget, but I feel to show us someone getting abducted or giving us some real fear like him walking past a school ground with little kids playing and to see him watching on. All in all, I would recommend people to watch it, but I feel that they should watch the short first on the Collective.

7 out of 10