Movie Review-Dead Kansas


Review-Dead Kansas is a little indie film that set its sights low, and achieves a mildly decent film. The film is a little over an hour long and given to us in acts. At its heart, this is a zombie/survivalist film that does not really like to use those terms but instead uses terms like Rottens. The film opens in a little black and white scene that involves a farmer and his daughter, and then goes into color. The film is more story-based, and in that aspect this film is really not your average horror film, it plays on the patience of the actors/actresses to try and sell us on their struggles without using blood, gore or even horror sequences until they are needed. There is really no character development or backstory, we are just injected into a story and the director depends on us to try and figure it out. We learn an unruly gang is also a threat, as they are planning to try and kidnap the daughter for their gain. Then, throw in the fact that they have to deal with tornados. When Jebediah and his crew fail in trying to get the farmer’s daughter, his brother is killed during an altercation that involved the farmer family and a rotten. By the second act, now is Jebediah who wants his revenge on his late brother. The other acts in this film further this story that goes into trying to find a cure for her father, and the daughter being kidnapped. To be honest, this film is a brave little indie film. If you know on the get-go what you are going into, you may enjoy it more than someone who is caught on surprise. The positives right off the bat are the acting, each character really gives us so many dimensions that you almost get the feeling that this may be more of a pilot trying to get attention, than a film. Another positive, was the pace of the film. It really did not seem to be in a hurry, and really tried to make you comfortable with the characters and the story. The other positive is the ambition; this film takes chances that many indie films do not even think about, much less achieving them. The negatives are the horror factor, this film is not really scary or even tense, it just seems like they were unsure what kind of film they were trying to deliver. Another negative was that at certain times in this film it felt like it was stalling, like it was trying to think of what to do next. For a film with such a short running time, it will come out of the gates, they all do, but they have to keep on coming out of them, not stalling behind them. Dead Kansas for serious indie film fans, they may get into it more than a horror fan would. This film is low budget and not ashamed of it, and at times that is its own worst enemy. With a budget smaller than most, you have to work around the negatives, or hide them completely. This film at times the negatives are pretty much right in front of you the viewer. But, in terms of ambition and story-telling, this would be a step in the right direction. All in all, this could be the litmus paper film for any up-and-coming kid thinking about working on an indie film to watch. This has a lot to take notes on, and a lot to mark as things that they should avoid. For the most part it kept my attention and I was not bored by the majority of what was going on. After all, that is what we watch films for to escape into a world and forget about our lives and plug into this reality.

6 out of 10