Movie Review-Cannibal Diner


Review-Cannibal Diner is an odd little film, not sure if I could truly call it a horror film or a recommended film, but something about this film just kept my attention. The cover art to this film I will start off with is misleading. It is another example of how the horror industry tries to speak to fans. This is one of those films that is so bad, you actually have fun watching how bad it is and would watch it again for the fuck of it. This film is German with English subtitles, and the subtitles at times do seem that they are more of the script they were trying to give us more than what they are saying. The film revolves around some hot German women who give you so many reasons to keep watching this film. Well the German ladies are planning this party for Kati’s sister. So when two of them arrive at the party destination they find the deserted tents of the ones who were there earlier with no explanation or note. As you can guess, the car gets stolen; there is a place that is restricted because of a chemical deal that left that land infested. Thus thru the infestation came blood hungry cannibals to scare and kill our young ladies. This film tries so hard to be smart by the women saying they cannot separate now, and then gets dumb when they eventually do. And that is the charm of this film; it is a dumb as all hell fun little film. The director understands who this film will attract, and he caters to them. We get nudity, we get blood and we get beautiful women put in dumb situations with even worst acting skills. That to me equals fun. Make no mistake about it, once you see the Cannibals, you will roll your eyes or laugh yourself silly, but the way the women act about it, is the selling point to the horror they are going thru. I mean the film does get a little predictable and lacks originality and creativity, but some films just click, and this film does that for me. I will probably regret this film after I watch it again, but I know when I turned it off the first time I really for the most part thought that the cheese was very fun. This film is also shot like a found footage film with the shaky camcorder, but I really did not mind it because once I saw the costumes of the cannibals, I really knew then this is definitely a film that I will not soon forget. This film should be the public service announcement about what drugs can do to a human being from both sides of the production. This film could be seen almost as a serious bad parody of Wrong Turn. I understand this film will never be taken serious, nor should it. This is that film you pop in, get a drink and sit back and watch the bat shit hit the fan.

7 out of 10