Movie Review-Black Devil Doll From Hell / Tales From The Quadead Zone


Review-Massacre Video has decided to take the two films that Chester Norvell Turner released in the 80’s and put them out in this little set. My question is this, why did you wait 6 years after Jonathon Lewis Louis got so much buzz for his Black Devil Doll to re-release it? To be honest, both films are really bad. For Black Devil Doll from Hell that aspect really helps it out. Black Devil Doll is a film that may not be for most, and the ones it may be for may not want to sit thru the unbearable cheaply made production. How do you get a woman on this kind of budget to agree to have sex with a devil doll? I am thinking that drugs were readily available on set and may have been accessible to all the crew. This film raises the stink of trashy cinema to all new lows. The plot of this film if you really care is about a woman named Helen, who buys a doll who happens to be possessed and rapes her and steals her innocence. After that she goes searching for the feeling again that the doll gave her. Here comes the checklist, the film has bad acting, bad effects, could offend anyone who may not know what the word Blaxploitation or sleaze means. This film has so many underlining meanings that I am really wondering how this film can exist or even how it was thought up. The film is camp, and I laughed so much that I will say it was enjoyable trash. This film is the equivalent of eating candy when you are starving for dinner. All in all, I really dug the hell out of this but then again I did love the 2007 version as well. I am clearly a man who has serious issues and not sure what is entertaining and just cures for his insanity.

6 out of 10

Film 2, I will be honest, I could not finish this film it was so boring and did not give me anything to keep my attention. I am thinking this film was made just to say they made a film and call it a day and hope it does not see the light of day. It tries hard to carry the spirit of Black Devil Doll but it does not even come close. So, I cannot fairly review this film since after 22 minutes I had to shut it off because it was so bad.