Movie Review-Animals


Coming out November 26th just in time for Thanksgiving dinner with the family

Review-Animals is the feature film debut from Marçal Forés that takes the innocence of youth and the uncertain fear and wonder about growing up and maturing. This film thrusts us in and out of a world that borders on reality and fantasy and the parting of a cherished toy that defined your early years. Where the trailer looks like a serious Ted, the way this film plays out comes across as almost a dramatic bittersweet coming of age Donnie Darko. Pol is a teenage boy who seems to be stuck in his youth and not ready to move forward to adulthood. Deerhoof is Pol’s English speaking teddy bear who seems to play music with him and also be his best friend and help him out. Enter Iraci who is a new student, and seems to get Pol’s attention. Pol soon loses his innocence when he gets his first taste of love and sex. As you can guess this relationship starts to change things for Deerhoof and Pol. I have been so impressed with the slate of films Artsploitation has given us in the last year. This film is so thought invoking and really unique. It does not set out to entertain you, it sets out to confuse you and get you talking and it succeeds on both levels. Watching the trailer I would never guess that this film would stick with me hours after it was over, trying to figure out the uncertainty of the message. This film could be seen as early Lynch in that aspect where it leaves it all on the viewer and what they get out of the film. This film trusts the audience that it is smart enough to at least come up with what they feel the film is about. This film has a lot of controversial topics that may need to be noted. One being that the film is basically two little boys who are in a relationship. The also that Pol deals with sexual urges that may not be up to some people’s liking, and also Iraci has this thing about not fearing pain thru self-mutilation. Now that being said, this film and the feeling of braveness and creativeness that went into this world that seems to welcome a message about childhood our sexual desires and discovering sexual orientation thru urges. This film does not harp on gender or attraction, it welcomes discussion and just gives us an escape into a world that I feel that equality and confusion seem to walk hand and hand. Animals is that film that is not for everyone. It addresses things that most people do not want to be faced with, but know in their closed worlds exist. It is bizarre and often odd, but it also genuine and bittersweet. This film is about discovery and parting. The final sequence of the film was such a stamp on this love letter to childhood.

8 out of 10