Movie Review-Ambushed


Review-Dolph Lundgren is one of those actors that you almost know what to expect when you watch one of his direct to video affairs. That if you sit there and try to think or rationalize the plot or film, you look stupid for trying. So, this film is a catch-22 for me, I knew what to expect from it, so if hate it I look stupid for even watching it. So, let’s get to the pearls of a plot for this gem of a ummm film. The film centers on two drug dealers, who in some way feel like what they are doing is good. Dolph is a FBI agent (of course) who is trying to stop them. Randy Couture stars in this also, which tells you all you need to know. He plays a corrupt cop, who I mean plays the role of a bad ass pretty well, but when it comes to acting, ummm..he plays the role of a bad ass pretty well. Vinnie Jones has a very small bit part as some kind of kingpin, that if you get up to go get a snack you will miss him. This film is bad; the cover is misleading to what this film is actually about. The action sequences in this film are low budget and even worst fun. The camera angles and style is so horrible that after a while with this film I wanted to just hit the stop button, which I came close around 14 times. I will say though the save grace to this film is the final fight that I will not spoil, that really captured the cheese element of this film and made me somewhat happy I did not hit the stop button. I just wish this film would have had better writing, stronger characters, some kind of energy and most of all at least something outside the box. I been using those words so much in the last few years, I wish they would have went outside the normal bounds and threw us something different into the mix. Dolph is a great actor in these films, and I feel even he knows that this film is bad. Couture is one of those Stone Cold Steve Austin types he stars in these films just for name value, more than any kind of acting talent or personality. I feel Couture could be a major star, wait a second no I do not. He is just fine playing third fiddle in a 2 fiddle film. Vinnie Jones I felt for his 8 to ten minutes was effective though wasted. Why not, give him more to work with and keep the intrigue going. This film felt like a group of notes that were put together to make a film.

3 out of 10