Movie Review-All The Boys Love Mandy Lane


Mandy Lane comes home finally December 3rd

Review-Case 39, Pig Hunt, The Loved Ones and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, what do you think these films beside being billed horror have in common? They are all victims of being placed on the shelf. I hope that All The Boys Love Mandy Lane does not suffer the same fate the other three have, and that is being released with little and being forgotten. At one time, The Loved Ones made every horror fan and bloggers top ten lists, and then 3 years later it finally saw the light of day and everyone forgot. I originally seen this film in 2006, I was in a crowd of about 14 people, it was this and a film that will never see the light of day it seems The Poughkeepsie Tapes. 7 years later all involved with this film have moved on to greener grass and we finally get this film out in the US. To be honest, I hate that the blu ray was so bare boned. We get a commentary that I really was letdown by. I felt the director had so much more to share with us and he stuck to some safe PR smiling fist fucking. Onto the film itself, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane I feel is one of those films that felt like a fresh breath of air in 2006 and today while the market is more and more saturated with a million films like this, that the one thing this film has that they lack is star Amber Heard. The camera work in the film is just top notch and jaw dropping compelling as a silent storyteller.This is a retro-70’s little kill off each teen film. Mandy Lane is one of those girls that on the surface seem as shallow as a tear drop, but as you get to watch her in the film her character seems to have many layers and it just seems that everyone wants to get with her. Teens go to this farmhouse for a weekend of fun, and the party is halted when a killer arrives and starts to kill everyone. When you look at the cover and hear the words “shelved 7 years”, people are going to be worried but I assure you this film really is genius. The film is not your commercial little film, it is a film that thinks outside of its own realm to give us something that will throw us in a loop and keep us involved. This film really builds up all the characters that when the killing starts it is not just some killing for the sake of killing; we invested feelings into these characters. These are not stereotypical one flavor high school horror filler; the characters in this film are smart and wise, they all have substance and charm that the kills really do not need to be gruesome or original; because they will still deliver they intended impact. This film really flirts with Texas Chainsaw Massacre with its gritty feel and how we are not sure what year it is taking place because there is nothing modern on the screen. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane is not like the rest, this film deserves a crowd. Amber Heard gives her best performance as title character Mandy Lane that could be in the same league as May and Carrie. This film is something special and I am so glad that it finally hit blu ray. A must watch.

8.5 out of 10